Mercury Theatre will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day this Friday 8th May, with a range of exciting, safe, socially distanced and online performances.

The celebrations culminate in the streaming of their award winning hit musical, Pieces of String, for free, online on VE Day. This new British musical, which premiered at the Mercury in 2018, explores three generations of one family, alternating between the 1940s and the present day. With hauntingly beautiful music and a heart-rending human story, Pieces of String is a tender, funny, emotionally-charged exploration of how a family learn to deal with a story that nobody’s been brave enough to tell until today.

Other activities include a video of Young Company who, alongside their grandparents, have recited a poem using video conferencing platform, Zoom.

The Pieces of String streaming and VE Day poetry presentation are presented as part of the Mercury Theatre’s #MercuryOnline programme, offering free digital activity to both audiences and arts industry professionals during the COVID19 lockdown.

Find out more by visiting mercurytheatre.co.uk