Bunting 3x2

To mark Essex 2020: A year of Science & Creativity, Essex Book Festival is working with its partners and friends to create a giant snake of bunting.

Why? The bunting will form part of our Manifesto For Essex: a countywide project that offers children and young people a creative platform to express their thoughts and feelings about Climate Change.

Following a number of hugely successful bunting-making workshops in venues across Essex as part of this year’s Essex Book Festival, we are now urging everyone to join in the fun at home.

What do we need?

All you will need is a piece of recycled cardboard (cereal packets are perfect), a ruler, pens, scraps of paper, scissors, and glue sticks.

How to make the bunting

Using a ruler, draw the outline of a triangle onto your piece of cardboard. We recommend making the measurements 15cm for the top edge and 22cm for the sides. Then take your scissors and carefully cut out the shape to create your own template. You’re now ready to make your own Manifesto For Essex piece of bunting.

Post your bunting to us

Once you’re done, please write your name/location on the back, and post it to Essex Book Festival, LIFTS, University of Essex, Colchester, CO4 3SQ.

We promise to keep everyone in the loop by posting updates and pictures of the bunting here on our website.