During Essex Book Festival 2020, quantum physicist, author and broadcaster, Jim Al-Khalili gave a talk about his first ever novel, Sunfall. After the talk, one of the event guests, Phil Seaman, presented Jim with a framed portrait he had created of the author.  Jim commented on what a lovely gesture it was and we couldn’t agree more.

In Phil’s words…

“I am now retired, but I keep busy by indulging my passion for art. In the past I worked as a graphic artist and I think my talent was inherited from my father, who was a BBC producer and a dab hand with a pencil and sketch pad!

Since my retirement, I have developed a predilection for History and Science and attending talks by my favourite experts and  I have always enjoyed meeting them afterwards. As admirers, we don’t often get the chance to show our appreciation for the pleasure that they give to us. Therefore, I decided that one way that I could do this was to create a portrait to give to them.

I have been enthralled by Jim’s lectures, accessed via YouTube, concerning quantum physics. So when I saw that Jim was going to be appearing at the Essex Book Festival, I immediately got to work on a portrait for him. The evening was so enjoyable and it was great meeting Jim Afterwards. He was very appreciative and this topped off my evening!”

Jim Al-Khalili_portrait_compressed
Jim Al-Khalili