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Here at Essex Book Festival HQ we have been unseasonably busy for the time of year. We’re thrilled to have been featured in the local news, helping to spread the word about all the exciting things we’ve been up to.

Festival Director, Ros Green, talks to Essex Chronicle’s Darryl Webber about our plans for the 2021 festival, pushing the boundaries and thinking on our feet.

“I’m seeing 2021 as an opportunity to take chances, to be bold and brave, to let people take ownership of the festival, to support it and make it the festival they want it to be.”

Ros Green, Essex Book Festival Director

Here’s the article in full:

Ahead of our Festival event with fellow writers Irvine Welsh and Alan Warner, John King tells Essex Chronicle’s Darryl Webber about the book they’ve collaborated on.

The author of nine books, including the hugely successful debut The Football Factory talks about the impact of lockdown on the writing process and taking inspiration from chats in the pub with his friends.

“I first met Irvine and Alan in the 90’s, we all got published around the same time and we got on well and stayed in touch. We read all each other’s work. Irvine and Alan are two of my favourite authors so it’ll be great to do this with them and have a good chat with them.”

John King, Author of The Football Factory

The online event takes place on Wednesday 11th November in partnership with ARU. Irvine Welsh, John King and Alan Warner will be talking about the new book they’ve collaborated on, The Seal Club which features a novella from each of the writers who brought us such vivid, memorable stories as Trainspotting, The Football Factory and Morvern Callar.

Visit our events page to book your place on the event.

Read the interview with John King in full:

Ros and John were also both on BBC Essex with Tony Fisher on Wednesday 28th October, talking about The Seal Club and the upcoming event with all three authors. Ros discusses the inclusivity of online events and John talks about author isolation during the writing process.

Go to and skip to 2:09 in to hear the interview.

Tony Fisher BBC Essex
Tony Fisher on BBC Essex