This year, Layer Marney Tower are commemorating Henry, 1st Lord Marney, who built Layer Marney Tower, the tallest of all Tudor Gatehouses in the country. He died on 24th May 1523.

He was a very successful Courtier, working in both the courts of Henry VII and Henry VIII. He was trained as a Lawyer at Furnivall Court and drawn in to the Royal circles. Although a mere knight for most of his life, he was made a Knight of the Bath when 3 year old Prince Henry (future King Henry VIII) was made Duke of York, was present of the marriage of Catherine of Aragon to Prince Arthur. Very soon after the coronation of Henry VIII, he was made a Knight of the Garter and went on to become Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster rising eventually to Lord Privy Seal.

He died at his London house in the City of London and organised a three day procession for his body to be transported to Layer Marney Tower, where he is buried in the Church.

This year, 2023, our friends at Layer Marney Tower are hosting some fascinating events to commemorate the Five Hundred years.


Re-creating the Funeral Procession

Friday 14th July: Day 1 Starts the journey in the City of London

Saturday 15th July: Day 2 Long Walk – 10 miles

Sunday 16th July: Day 3 Procession of the Funeral entourage(including Effigy Funeral Carriage driven by six horses)


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Saturday 23rd September: Timothy Duke, Anthony Musson, Susan Jenkins, Tracy Borman, James Bettley

Sunday 24th September: Steven Gunn, Julian Litten, David Starkey, Susan Moore.

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